Elmer Farm – East Middlebury, Vermont

Our culinary team at Jessica’s is continuously striving to use as many local products as possible. We frequently look for new products and new sources. One of our favorite producers we use a lot during the short growing season here in Vermont is the Elmer Farm located in East Middlebury.

The farm has been around since the early 1800’s. In 2006, a young couple- Spencer and Jennifer Blackwell had been working at the Intervale Center in Burlington. The Intervale is 700 plus acres of dedicated farm land inside the city limits of Burlington. When they decided they had a connection to one another and that they both loved to farm, they were determined to buy some land to do just that. The couple purchased the Elmer farm with the help of the Middlebury Area Land Trust and the Vermont Land Trust. The two trusts strive to maintain the culture, agricultural landscape and economy in the state. The Vermont Land Trust has saved over 500,000 acres of land with 700 working farms on that land. Spencer and Jennifer both came from farming families and realized they wanted to continue the tradition on the 90 acre farm.

On 25 of those acres, they and their staff grow 35 different vegetables with 200 different varieties of those same vegetables as well as grains and dried beans. A certified Vermont Organic Farm, many of the vegetables are heirloom varieties. The couple has now grown into a family with two kids. We are proud to offer some of their vegetables on our menu- radishes, zucchini, baby bok choy and some lettuces at this time. As the season progresses we will get more vegetables to showcase. Come into Jessica’s Restaurant and enjoy them today!

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