What Your Breakfast Order Says About You

Do you like your eggs scrambled or over easy? Based on this totally unscientific, purely anecdotal analysis, we’ve come up with this list of What Your Breakfast Order Says About You! We see a lot of breakfast orders around here, so we should know! Here are some of our most popular orders: 

scrambled eggs on blue plate

Scrambled Eggs 

You’re an easy-going person who is a lot of fun to hang around. You enjoy a hearty breakfast and an occasional side of bacon or sausage, maybe even ham. Your family and friends love you and value your judgement. 

Folded Omelette 

You have excellent taste! You know how to bring order out of chaos. You have a kind heart and are an important and upstanding member of your community. You have an amazing sense of comportment. 

Stack of pancakes with tulip

Buttermilk Pancakes 

You are the life of the party. Everybody knows that you tell the best stories and have an awesome sense of humor. You’re not too hard on yourself. You understand that the best way to be a success in life is to start with self-love. 

blueberry pancakes

Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes 

You care about your health and the health of your loved ones. You know how to live a balanced life. You always remember to call your mom at least once a week. And you generally floss at least once everyday. 

fried eggs home fries and sausage

Fried Eggs

You’re a sensual and attractive person who can easily seduce the ones you want. What’s sexier than an egg yolk oozing all over your plate and being mopped up with piece of good bread? You live on the edge, but you won’t put yourself in danger. What’s life without a few thrills now and then? An eggcelent choice. 




Fruit Plate 

You respect the awesome power of nature. You enjoy the great outdoors, and your mind and body benefits from walks and hikes. The best thing for you on a difficult day is to take a forest bath. You also love animals and especially pets. 








Breakfast Sandwich 

You have places to go and people to see. You don’t have time to sit around with a fork and knife. You’ve gotta hit the road ASAP, because you’re too busy making power moves and fulfilling your dreams.

So were we right or were we right? Let us know in comments! And more importantly, come and have breakfast with us. 

All photos and writing in this post by Serena Kim, co-owner of Swift House Inn. 

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